Descendants of Charles and Klara (Stieger) Baillod

This is a high level listing of the members of this family. A more complete genealogy is available at the Baillod family listing on Since I am descended from Charles and Klara, this genealogy is currently the most complete. Further, the family is comparatively small and has been easy to research. However, I am not up to date on recent births, deaths, marriages, etc. and would welcome information in this regard which can be emailed to Brendon Baillod. I have complete descendant data for all branches of this family up to about 1995. Family members who would like additional information or a more complete family tree may contact me at the above email. I also have many archival photos of family members dating back to the 1860s in Switzerland.

Children of Charles and Klara
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Charles Edward Baillod
& Sylvia (Grochowski) Baillod
To Milwaukee, WI
(1908 - 1975)

 Clara (Baillod) Perry
& Vernon Perry
To St. Paul, MN
(1910 - 1979)
Henry Baillod
& Mary (Thurston) Baillod
To Hancock, WI
(1913 - 2002)
Francis (Baillod) Mason
& Ross Mason
To St. Paul, MN
(1917 - 1993)
Daniel Baillod
No Children
Henry Baillod
Claire (Mason) Rother
Charles Robert Baillod
Louise (Baillod) Barnett
Shirley A. Mason
Christine (Baillod) Yelich
JoAnn (Baillod) Siebel
Gail (Mason) Simmons
Margaret (Baillod) Yeager
Madeline (Baillod) Callahan
Ross Mason
Mary Ann (Baillod) Luther
Nancy Mae (Mason) Erickson