Descendants of Edward Baillod and Rose Marie Berthoud

This is a high level listing of the members of this family. A more complete genealogy is available at the Baillod family listing on I would welcome additions and/or corrections to

Children & Grandchildren of Edward and Rose Marie

Adrien & Rose Baillod
To Porterville, California
(1862 - 1941)

Gustave & Sara E. Baillod
To Wellington, KS
(1864 - 1930)

Marie Constance Baillod & Adrien Piquet
To Seattle, WA
(1865 - ??)
William Baillod
To San Joaquin County, California
(1867 - 1949)
Edward G.
& Ella (Rush) Baillod
To Emporia, KS
(1868 - 1929)
Charles Arnold Baillod
Gladys W. Baillod
Charles Adrien Piquet
No Children
Wallace Edward Baillod
Bertrand Adrien Baillod
Hattie L. Baillod
Marie Louise Piquet
Alfred Eugene Baillod
Laura M. Baillod
Rolland Paul Baillod
Ernest Arthur Baillod
Emile & Lucy (Medland) Baillod
To Burkes Falls, ONT
(1869 - 1918)
Arnold & Elizabeth (Doyle) Baillod
To San Joaquin County, CA
(1870 - 1948)
Arthur & Christina (Wiseman) Baillod
To Burkes Falls, ONT
(1872 - 1950)
Laura Baillod & James Wiseman
To Burkes Falls, ONT
(1875 - ??)
Ferdinand & Elizabeth (Gurley) Baillod
To Western Canada
(1878 - ??)
Clarence Baillod
Fanny Baillod
William Edward Baillod
Douglas Baillod
Mae Marie Baillod
Russell Baillod
Gustave Baillod
James Arthur Baillod
Harvey Baillod
Percival Baillod
Malcolm Gordon Baillod
Clifford Oliver Baillod
Clare Baillod
Robert Harold Baillod
Beatrice Baillod
Allan Wesley Baillod
Norman Baillod
Alvin Baillod
Pearl Baillod
Ruby Baillod
Albert Baillod
Aubrey Baillod