Descendants of Jules and Adele (Rosselet) Baillod

This is a high level listing of the members of this family. A more complete genealogy is available at the Baillod family listing on I would welcome additions and/or corrections to

Children & Grandchildren of Jules and Adele

Louis F. Baillod

(1862 - 1930)

Jules & Ida Jane (Marshall) Baillod
(1867 - 1933)
Adele Elise Baillod & John George Kirk
(1870 - 1928)
Rose Margaretta Baillod & Adrien M. Baillod
(1871 - 1964)

John & Betty Elizabeth (Marshall) Baillod
(1873 - 1960)

Jane Baillod & George W. Brown
(1876 - 1956)
Paul Baillod & Ida (Hallad) Baillod
(1878 - 1943)
No Children
Lloyd Agusta Baillod
Edna Rose Kirk
Charles Arnold Baillod
No Children
John M. Brown
No Children
Albert Henry Baillod
Grace Elsie Kirk
Bertrand Adrien Baillod
Mary Adele Brown
Clara Adele (Baillod) Janoiko
Stanley Melvin Kirk
Laura M. Baillod
Mabel Jane Brown
Ernest Arthur Baillod